1. Take two weeks for it. You will want it to last forever anyway, but at least you won’t waste it. there are places you can fast forward, and there are places you can resist temptation. Toscana is not one of them. You have to take it in, breath it, live in it, not just visit it. You have to have the time to: 2. Rent a car. If you are not a driver, travel with one. or hire one. Toscana has the most beautiful cities in the world, and the most wonderful country roads. If you don’t have the freedom to move between vineyards and stop in any small village or…

  • everydaymagic


    Some words are pure poetry, others are wicked spells. Every now and then you come across a new word that contains a whole story inside. Today I heard of “forelsket”. It is a Norwegian word that means  « the undescribable euforia that you feel when you begin to fall in love ».