all I want for xmas is wow

What is the perfect gift for #thehappyfew? Answer: plane tickets!

Because they’re not just plane tickets. They’re the voucher to wonderland, the entry to the rabbit hole, etc whatever name you have for it, it always means the promise of a new adventure.


Here are the current top wow gifts. The list will be continuously updated

  1. A trip to Etna


Plane tickets to Catania and two nights (at least) in Taormina. Take an infinite look at the sea and the volcano from up in Castelmola, then give into the enthralling call of Etna. A whole day to Etna and back, exploring the villages that live in the shadow of the volcano, the surprisingly green slopes and the orchards of arance rosse de Sicilia; and going up, into the ashes of wilderness, you will voyage into the realm of impossible winds, walk the craters and see the endless fire in Hephaistos’ workshop. Or so the legend has it, and what better gift than living the legend.

Recommended in:  May

  1. Venice in winter


This is for the savvy, not for first timers. Venice in winter is like a courtesan you take home: you strip her of the ball dress and of the thousands of admirers’ drama and you have her all to yourself. You have to do it in style or not at all. Plane tickets to Venice and hotel in Venice – not the Lido, not Mestre or any other “smart” solutions the agencies think for you. Hotels are not that great in Venice and are expensive as hell. Go for it: the four stars or the five. Although featured in so many movies, I wouldn’t go for the Danielli. I say Bauer Il Palazzo with breakfast on the rooftop in their “Settimo Cielo”. Take the time to wander the streets without a map, just abandon San Marco for the real feel of Cannaregio or Dorsodouro. Cross over to Giudecca for dinner. And maybe, just maybe get lucky with the ultimate seduction of the courtesan: acqua alta. No matter what anyone tells you, this is the most beautiful Venice will ever be.

Recommended in: December

  1. Fado in Lisbon


This is almost an anti-gift. Not for entertaining purposes, family fun or those with peace of mind. It’s for the pain and pleasure types, and not for the very young. Plane tickets to Lisbon and accommodation in Bairro Alto or Chiado. If it’s your first fado, you can reserve a table at Senhor Vinho or Clube do Fado or one of the big fado houses, but the best way to really feel it is by wandering through Alfama after nine in the evening and simply open the door when you hear the music. Get into a silent mood and tune into your secret longing. The Portuguese call it saudade. On a night like this you may even discover what is it that you’re missing in this life.

Recommended in: anytime

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