Dolce far’niente


The Tuscandiary, Day One

I wake up in an aura of light, immersed in lazy serenity, as the wooden sunblinds draw golden paths on the fresh white linens. I see fairy dust dancing in the light and I can hear mysterious singsĀ  and a delicate rustle through the half-open window.

There’s something about the sound of wind through the cypresses and old olive trees that works like a timeless lullaby. Our home is secretly nestled in the vineyards on the hills near Monteriggioni, far from the world and deep into wonderland. It has views over Chianti Classico, Castellina and Greve at day and the starriest sky over at night. Plus fireflies.

First day is about tuning in: we pick up tomatoes and fresh basil, walk through the vineyard, cook a pasta pomodoro, picnic under the olive trees, take a bycicle into the village for fresh bread, sing, dance, make love, nap in the afternoon, read poetry, go to church, visit neighbours, drink home wine. The Via Francigena passes close by, a legendary road of pilgrimmage that takes you through the heart of Tuscany and truly off the beaten path – so maybe we’ll go hiking or biking, or even riding tomorrow.

As for tonight, we’ll go see the sun setting through the Western gate of Monteriggioni and stay for a late dinner in the fortress.


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