Romantic, but different

Since thehappyfew truly love celebrations yet are horrorstruck by what has become of Valentine’s Day, here are some heartfelt ideas to be romantic, after all.

  1. Love is three quarters curiosity. Casanova said it, and no great poet coined it better after that. Step into a different character, give into the temptation, celebrate as an impostor. No wonder the wearing of masks at the carnival was invented to let us indulge in the greatest misbehavior.  You can dress up  for the opera and waltz carelessly in Saint Germain at midnight.
  2. Celebrate on the 13th to break the badluck, and do absolutely nothing on the 14th. Or you can simply do absolutely nothing, paired with a splendid bottle of wine.
  3. Own the expression “being in the seventh heaven”. Stay at Bauer Il Palazzo and you will have breakfast in Settimo Cielo, the 7th floor lounge with Canal Grande views.
  4. (Food) porn.

settimo cielosettimo cielo terrace1L'Atelier, tarte tatin

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