Andalusia is one of thehappyfew’ s favorite realms, a true kingdom of Moorish adventures, of wonderful and often dramatic findings and hot temper. It is a country and a culture in itself, and its thrills are downright endless. And still, if I was to pick one place on the map, for a one-time escape, I would pick Ronda.

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The sneakers crossed the Puente Nuevo bridge over the El Tajo gorge and the Guadalevin river,  marvelled at the 100m chasm below, took a breath in Plaza Espagna, walked pass the Parador towards the Miradouro for immense views over the Serranía de Ronda mountains. They strolled endlessly through the old town, explored the building hanging on the cliffts, went to the Old Bridge, down to the Palacio Mondragon and the Plaza Duquesa de Percent, then up to the center again to see the Plaza de Toros and have dinner at the excellent Abades.

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