The best travel advice in the world


  1. Travel to wonderland. Just use the rabbit hole, see some fantasy movie, visit Disney and adventure parks, read Tolkien or Lewis Carroll or whatever works for you, and always celebrate Christmas in style. Travel back to yourself, recapture the world as it was before you grew up.
  2. Return to your happyplace. You must have one. It’s either a cabin, or a lake, or a beach, or a city, a precise time of the year, a table with a view, or a person. Return as many times as you can, or move there.
  3. Travel with your best friend. Friendship and discovery are never ever getting old. IMG_1979
  4. Take the grandparents or your parents on a place they’ve never been and never hoped to see.
  5. When you want to give a present to a loved one, make it a plane ticket to somewhere beautiful.
  6. An afternoon in the orange grove


7. French kissing and street-dancing in Paris

8. Having a beach all to yourself in Portugal


9. Sailing along the coast of Bretagne, from Brest to Saint Malo.

10. Dining al fresco on the rooftops of Florence


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