What to do once in a blue moon

The blue moon is rare, that’s a fact. But the expression <once in a blue moon> stays with us to remind us of things rare, mysterious, out-of-ordinary and – well, blue. What to do once in a blue moon?

1. Go for your prreciouss: put a finger on a thing that you covet and go for it. An expensive treat, a collectible or even a person; whatever makes you feel you hold the keys to the universe’s secret. Something like seeing Tosca in the Teatro Antico di Taormina, with a view of the sea and of Etna in the backdrop (possibly with incandescent lava on top).

teatro taormina credits fiorello

2. Venture into the mystery: a haunted castle, a picnic under the full moon, a vampire-friendly location, or a hide-and-seek amidst monoliths in a Celtic land. Check this for supernatural escapes or a moonlit picnic at the Ricasoli, or, even wilder, spend one afternoon in Carnac and then the Quiberon peninsula. The megaliths there are older than the pyramids in Egipt, and there are hundreds of them. Take a bike.carnac

3. Go blue. Yes, blue. Take some you time to just sit and stare at the blue sky or the bluest ocean, navigating through the hundreds of nuances of blue and letting go of all blues. Do this in your happiest place and don’t share it with anyone.


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