wisdom comes in improbable places

You think the Brits don’t have it in their blood, le cool, l’extraordinaire? Think again, you lovers of the avant-garde. Here is some London intelligence that I brought with me from my last outing

If the planet was to choose one capital, it should be London

I love it every time, each time for the old reasons and for some new reasons. You can never be bored, you can never be wrong in London. It is always worth it, even for a two night stay, a walk and an evening show.

Resist and you’ll regret

In London wisdom came to me in the most improbable of places. Like this wonderful motto in the Selfridges window, encouraging people to enjoy the further reductions. But this is deep, mate: remember the last time you did the proper thing and resisted a mind blowing, incredible attraction? Well, when it’s that incredible, resist and you’ll regret it.

Looking good is the best revenge

This was written inside a beauty parlour. Talk about one pill of concentrated wisdom, right?

Mind your head

The banal warning inside every double-decker bus. Need they say more?


random wit on the street


Christmas Markets like any Christmas markets, but different

They are all great. I liked the Southbank best, because it’s free from the usual roller-coasters and other adrenalin pumping joyrides and it feels more like an urban lounge. Locals love it too, they come here after work to meet friends and sit by the fire. Some no-frills designer thought of a genius set up and there are outdoor tables with built-in fireplace :). There is also a labyrinth, a laid-back lounge with very good music, proper drinks and spontaneous dancing, and – of course – the Eye skate, the skating rink at the feet of the London Eye.


Spending at least one New Year’s Eve in London is a must. They have some of the coolest parties in the world, but of course you’ll be tempted by the fireworks. The London new year fireworks are the most extraordinary thing, and the BBC live transmission does not make them any justice. What you should know is that, starting 2015, there is a tax to be paid for attending the NYE fireworks show in the London Eye – Westminster – Jubilee Bridge perimeter, and tickets sell out instantly. This year there were 100000 10 £ tickets open for sale on September 25, which means some planning ahead is required.

the guardian_nye
the guardian_nye

West End

Go to a musical. See a movie. See a play, any play. Have a beer and a home pie at a pub after. I liked Bear and Staff, and the Queen’s Head.


I won’t go into shopping, everybody knows London is shopping heaven. All I say is that Liberty Center is the most beautiful department store in the world and that the Carnaby street area totally beats the Oxford street hysteria. When the sales season begins, there is literally no place on Oxford street and the Bond street tube station to fit all the people.

The Shard

look (it) up up up. Book tickets to The View from the Shard to climb the top; or go for a drink with a view at the Aqua; the atrium bar is walk in, no reservations needed

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