our work and all that jazz

Work should be fun and glorious. Settling is not an option. Amazing is good enough.

In order to stay happy, we only take on projects we can truly help, projects that we can grow happily ever after and, well –  we generally embark on enterprises that we believe in.

These are our lines of work:


  • Brand equity: we make sure your brand is instantly recognizable, always credible and its awareness grows among your target customers
  • Integrated brand experience: we create a strong relationship with the customers, ensuring your messages and actions always stay faithful to your brand promise
  • Brand communications: we talk tactics, seeing that your brand is communicating strategically with its customers through advertising, PR, promotional campaigns, direct marketing, social media


  • We assist in early phases of hospitality projects, independent or franchised


  • Brand identity: design, positioning, key messages, brand narrative and brand promise
  • Copywriting: website, blog, newsletters, social media
  • Content marketing
  • Brainstorming and naming
  • Advertising and DTP


  • bespoke travel planning;
  • travel intelligence and complete voyage kits for the FIT (free independent travelers) who travel out of the box and right into wonderland.
  • Selected destinations only: Tuscany, Sicily, Bretagne, Normandy, Andalucia, Portugal and a privileged selection of theme-escapes.
  • Private tours on request.
  • How it works here





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