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    SUMMER 21 #bucketlist

    This summer is a glorious one. It is full of hope, full of promise, overcompensating, as big as our FOMOs, crazy and great, and feels like the first in years. Here’s what’s on the Summer 21 bucketlist for thehappyfew who are now in post-staycation mode: JUST FLY: Let’s not overthink it, just book and go. Nothings spells freedom more than a whim flight “cause I woke up with such an urge to switch to francais and lose myself in the lavender fields” ISLAND HOPPING: There is vacay, and then there’s island vacay. To quench that thirst for blue sky, infinite sea, whitewashed houses and dramatic coastline, I decided that adding…



    ONE: The windmills That jump-into-the-postcard feeling: amazing! The iconic windmills that are a synonim for Mykonos and for the Cyclades can be seen from just about everywhere in the bay area or from up the hill in the city. Incredibly famous and photogenic, they are the soul and signature of Mykonos. Built in the 1700 to mill the wheat using the revolutionary power of wind, they have been a symbol of wealth and welvome for all visitors: trade ships, fishing ships, merchants and travellers. The most famous ones are the Kato Milli, the row of six mills on the shore cliff in Chora, next to Little Venice. You can reach…

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    ONE: THE CLASSICS, AT NIGHT A 360 view in the heart of London: The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, crossing Westminster Bridge, the Eye, the view up and down the Thames. TWO: THE HIGH(EST) VIEW London seen from above is more than extraordinary, is utterly dramatic and incredibly enjoyable, especially with a glass of prosecco to complement the view. Book your ticket to The View from the Shard (yes, it’s worth every penny and then some) or/ and to Sky Garden for a true show of wonder. Tip 1: Sky Garden is free entrance, but you need to book a week ahead to make sure you register for…



    ONE: Costa Smeralda A little over 20 km of coastline and the most expensive location in Europe (real estate prices are 300,000 euros sqm), Costa Smeralda is famous for its white sand beaches, its scenic route, its hidden coves and bays and known as the VIPs playground ever since the 60’s. Porto Cervo is a celebs hotspot and has one of the most beautiful luxury brands shopping mall in the world, while Romazzino is that ideal real estate project dreamt of by Prince Karim Aga Khan and sought after by Clooney and co. Normally, this kind of labels are something the happy few thoroughly avoid, but in this case we…

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    Nice Carnival is one of the greatest carnivals in the world: every year before Mardi Gras, there are two weeks of daily events and parades, including the famous Night Parade (on the Promenade du Paillon) and the Battle of Flowers (on the Promenade des Anglais).

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    Did you know that the Carnival in Nice is the original carnival-type celebration ? We all know about – and even travelled to – the famous Carnival in Rio or in Venice, but few of us are aware that the Nice Carnival is the oldest ever mentioned, namely by the Count of Provence Charles d’Anjou in 1294. The Nice Carnival is not only one of the major carnivals in the world, but it is maybe the greatest in terms of the complexity of the parade: each year has a special theme which sets the tone for the design of 18 spectacular floats and all the masquerades and connected activities. The 2020 theme…

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    ONE The Western Wall, Jerusalem TWO Temple Mount, Jerusalem This is the place which holds the most religious significance in the world for Jews and Muslims alltogether. The Dome of the Rock harbours the planet’s most important rock, namely the one where the Muslims believed the world was created and where Mohamed rose to the heavens, but also where the Jews believe God created Adam and the world and where Solomon built the First Temple. Judaism considers this place as the most sacred of all, where God’s presence is most felt. Temple Mount is only accessible to non-Muslims at very specific visiting times,  going through one checkpoint located on the…