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    Bretagne: a Celtic love story

    How did we end up having a Creperie? Our friends already know, and the story, has become quite famous in the press at the time. However, INCEPTION is the best part: what is the connection between salted caramel, King Arthur, galettes complètes, island houses, and Celtic dances? In one word, a wedding. Of course, not just any wedding, but a wedding like no other, which took place in a hamlet surrounded by waters in Brittany. Besides bringing together a bunch of wonderful people scattered all over Europe and uniting a couple deeply in love, the wedding was the perfect opportunity to step into a story. To be honest, Carnac was…

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    Bet you didn’t know: Carnival was born in Nice!

    Did you know that the Carnival in Nice is the original carnival-type celebration ? We all know about – and even travelled to – the famous Carnival in Rio or in Venice, but few of us are aware that the Nice Carnival is the oldest ever mentioned, namely by the Count of Provence Charles d’Anjou in 1294. The Nice Carnival is not only one of the major carnivals in the world, but it is maybe the greatest in terms of the complexity of the parade: each year has a special theme which sets the tone for the design of 18 spectacular floats and all the masquerades and connected activities. The 2020 theme…

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    POSTCARDS: ACQUA ALTA in Venice, a beautiful disaster

    Like all great beauties, she is incredible, irresistible, fragile and dramatic, alltogether.  Venezia’s destiny as a forever endangered realm of wonder has a tragic beauty to it, and nothing makes it more obvious than the acqua alta days. On October 29, 2018, an exceptional high tide flooded Venice. It was the fourth highest ever recorded, and the most dramatic in over a decade. The conscience of her ephemerity only added to the beauty, as La Serenissima was stripped of the hords of tourists and the waters held the mirror to her face for two days in a row.

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    Vendemmia or Tuscany in all its glory: harvest season

    September is here, so we are slowly getting ready for one of our favorite escapes, the vendemmia/ grape harvest in Toscana. And while we’re at it, we save the dates in the calendar – well, the usual wonders: the wine tastings, the community harvest and the exploration of the cantine, the local fairs honoring Baccus, the mystery tours and the pranzoni – all the incredible food of the season This year, due to hot weather and climate particularities, the vendemmia takes place sooner than usual. Forecast says historical low harvest but some extraordinary grapes to be expected in very limited quantities. Heat waves and extreme weather grew smaller, atypical grapes,…

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    Love #streetfood: a story about hotdogs

    As we are true fans of #streetfood, one of the pieces de resistance is the hot dog. Foodies may be snobs where hotdogs are concerned, since mass production often spoils the spirit of the perky dog. But there are still brave hot dogs’ creators in the world, proving that any popular food can become a masterpiece, with the right dedication and ingredients. Gourmet hotdogs are on the rise 🙂  A short history of the hot dog Call it Wiener or Frankfurter, the Germans invented this type of sausage, but then it was brought to the United States in the 1800s by immigrants, and quickly it became extremely popular, a working-class food sold at street…