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    Postcards from Dorne

    At least once a year, thehappyfew escape  into their favorite fantasies. After Meereen, we follow the #GoTlocations and travel to Dorne. The luxurious and vicious High Gardens are filmed in Seville’s incredible Alcazar. 



    Andalusia is one of thehappyfew’ s favorite realms, a true kingdom of Moorish adventures, of wonderful and often dramatic findings and hot temper. It is a country and a culture in itself, and its thrills are downright endless. And still, if I was to pick one place on the map, for a one-time escape, I would pick Ronda.

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    Outside Valencia: 3 escapes

    AZAHAR means “citrus blossom”, and the word has a ring to it and stays with you forever once you’ve seen the orange trees in bloom. Valencia has it all for a truly captivating holiday; the sea and the oranges and the food and the urban surprises, and even some happy escapes that you can try if you’re feeling adventurous. As I said, driving in Valencia is completely stress-free, and outside Valencia you have the usual Spanish quality roads, so there is absolutely no reason to not venture beyond.

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    The best travel advice in the world

    Travel to wonderland. Just use the rabbit hole, see some fantasy movie, visit Disney and adventure parks, read Tolkien or Lewis Carroll or whatever works for you, and always celebrate Christmas in style. Travel back to yourself, recapture the world as it was before you grew up. Return to your happyplace. You must have one. It’s either a cabin, or a lake, or a beach, or a city, a precise time of the year, a table with a view, or a person. Return as many times as you can, or move there. Travel with your best friend. Friendship and discovery are never ever getting old.  Take the grandparents or your parents…

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    what the sneakers saw

    High heels are for dancing, sneakers are for wandering. and wondering I have a fetish for sneakers. They come in all colors, they are free and playful and have a talent for taking the magical step in a journey. It’s like: you go to Paris, I go to Paris, everybody goes to Paris, but does everybody see what I see? Nope. Well, it’s not my merit exactly; it’s the purple sneakers. Just like Dorothy’s magic shoes, they seem to always know how to reach the most wonderful spot at the most wonderful of times. Follow the sneakers and discover where the sneakers went, #whatthesneakerssaw